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Thread: curfew hours and ...

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    curfew hours and ...

    i am guessing if i scroll down more i would see this question but what are curfew hours now?
    what is the crowd on the beach like.?
    we are heading down for our usual February trip and the planes look as crowded as pre covid

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    Re: curfew hours and ...

    Until January 14, the curfew starts at 10pm and ends 5am.

    The beach has been busy for the holidays with most properties running near full occupancy. Spoke with a couple leaving today and they said that said Club MoBay departure lounge was full, so I expect things will slow down considerably as usual until around January 15.... just in time for the new curfew hours!
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    Re: curfew hours and ...

    Same curfew here in Quebec that went into effect Dec 31st. Bars and restaurants are closed. Schools don't return until Jan, 17th - No Indoor sports. No visitors to your house, including family unless that one person lives alone. Continue to work from home. Our fingers are crossed we make it out of here on the 15th.

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