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This past summer the J$ was going through major fluctuations, getting as high j$150 to us$1. But that is not case now.

It has been holding between $144 to $146 for a couple months now.

When we were distributing your incredibly generous contributions this past summer, no business wanted it in US$. After all, everything they buy is in J$.

This adds an extra visit to the bank or cambio to exchange the US$. That is extra work for nothing.

Unless a business is huge and must buy some inventory from overseas, or someone in the near family is heading to the States soon (unlikely), there is virtually no reason to pay in US$.

Jamaican dollars are perfectly fine and acceptable everywhere! This is Jamaica after all!
Thanks for the info Rob -- suoer helpful! This is great news as we prefer to pay in JA$. Plus, if we have any leftover after the trip, ut's extra motivation to come back so we can spend it (not that we need extea motivation to come back, ha)!