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Thread: Negril Activities

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    Negril Activities

    I've been to Negril many times and when I was there in March of 2021 alot of the typical beach things were not happening, bands, fire dancers, bonfires, etc. and there was a 8pm curfew. I would like to come again in March but I'm wondering how open things are this year. Cathy M.

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    Re: Negril Activities

    Last March was a really slow time with a very early curfew. The current curfew is 10pm, giving restaurants and bars a little more normal operating hours.

    The current hours extend to the 28th so we have to wait a few more days for an update. Since Omicron drops as fast as it peaks and we seem to have peaked, the curfew hours will probably remain the same.

    But if we get a couple days in a row of substantial drop in hospitalizations, we could see the curfew hour extended to 11pm.

    Barring some new Covid curve ball, March is over a month away and the Prime Minister wants to end all Covid restrictions as soon as possible. Chances are that your last March experience will be the aberration and this March will be Negril as we knew pre-pandemic.
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