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Thread: Beach Tales: Friday

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    Beach Tales: Friday

    Good morning from Negril,

    To quote Smith “Book, Pack, Go” and “Push da Button”

    It is not busy in Negril, Coco La Palm is about the busiest place on the beach. More than 1/2 the hotels on the beach are either closed or very low occupancy. Some places I walk by appear open, but I haven’t seen any tourists all week.

    Same thing on the West End. Few cars and very few tourists walking around.

    No idea how things are on Bloody Bay.

    Beach is quiet, I can just walk and walk, long stretches just to myself!

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    Re: Beach Tales: Friday

    This has been the best trip ever and I still have eight days left!

    Yesterday was off to a bumpy start due to my ATM card being shut off for a fraud alert. No worries, call the bank and got it sorted out.
    Headed up to Red Ground and the skies opened! Huge downpour!
    Chilled at the Red Dragon and watched Red Ground wash away! The water running by the Dragon was rust colored from Red Ground!
    Sheba did a great job handling the crowd that came in to the Dragon. I snacked on a 1/4 of the pork. Yummy!
    Off to HiLo for some essentials, big discount on Easter buns and cans of cheese.
    B Drive had made dinner reservations at Bella Donnas on Summerset Lane, and I have never been to Bella’s Restaurant.
    What a magical dinner we had with Bella and Michael On Time (our driver).
    Bella prepared one of her special vegetarian pizzas and it was absolutely delicious!
    Great conversation throughout dinner! This was just a delightful event!

    Headed down to Mi Yard to touch base with Delroy and the crew, preparations continue for Pirates memorial.
    Walked to Canoe and just stared out over the ocean.
    Michael picked me up for a ride back to CLP.
    Early to bed, big night tonight!
    Seastar Inn for dinner and a show!,

    VVHT aka Happy

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    Re: Beach Tales: Friday

    Glad your having a blast VVHT , gonna miss you by 1 day my friend. Hopefully more people start arriving at the smaller hotels soon. It's been really slow the last few times we've went . It was so slow on one visit as we were walking on the beach we literally saw no other tourists walking for quite some distance , all of a sudden by Roots we heard clapping from a few vendors and they started yelling "thank you for coming" at us . Hope the rest of your time goes slow my friend. Thanks much for the reports. Jamb

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    Re: Beach Tales: Friday

    Jam and Bad,
    Delroy says Hi!
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