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Thread: Beach Tales: Sunday to Tuesday

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    Beach Tales: Sunday to Tuesday

    Good morning Boardies,

    All good here in Negril, looking forward to my first Boardie Bash starting tonight at Canoe.

    Walking on Norman Manley Blvd, downtown and Westend, not many tourists out and about, doesnít matter if it is morning, noon or night.

    Commissioned a painting by Karl Ricketts and picked it up yesterday. Canít wait to get it home and framed! Iíll post a photo later.

    Sunday was a low key day, Monday was spent up on the West End at Rummaz and Sunset Walk. Do you remember the singer Fernando back in the 90ís? He sang for B Drive and me at Rummaz on Monday.
    Took a Drive out to Sunset Walk in the deep West End. New Owner Marvin (?) has made some major improvements! Rob commented he had the best bathrooms in Negril!! Great selections of beverages.
    The view is awesome!

    Then down the West End Road to Mi Yard and the Memorial for Pirate! Delroy and the Mi Yard crew did a great job getting things ready. The band was excellent! Oz got me home safe and sound!!

    Tuesday was spent recuperating from the previous day.....
    Had lunch at Vinnyís and dinner at Best in the West.
    Early to bed!

    Got up early and walked up to Scotia Bank, bumba clot ATM has a limit on how much could be withdrawn and only small bills!

    Did my walk, breakfast at Coco, float on the sea and reading a book about Magellanís voyage around the world. Coco cats like the kibble Iím putting out for them.


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    Re: Beach Tales: Sunday to Tuesday

    Loving your reports!! Can’t wait to see your commissioned painting. We proudly display one of Karl’s works. Thanks so much!!

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