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Thread: Urgent news - remainder of Bash events cancelled...

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    Urgent news - remainder of Bash events cancelled...

    I was just informed by one of the people at the Canoe gathering that they tested positive for Covid on their Antigen test today. They are symptom free and feeling fine. Fully vaxxed and boosted but tested positive nevertheless.

    So out of an abundance of caution, we are going to cancel the remainder of this year's events - the beach crawl today, tomorrow at Seastar and Sunday at Cafe Goa. We cannot stop you from going to these places on your own, but they are no longer sanctioned events.

    And for those who were at the Canoe gathering, you may want to be preparing for a possible positive test. I am feeling fine other than a toothache (dental work), but will be keeping a low profile for the next few days.

    Although the number of positive tests have been increasing around the island (over 115 on Weds), the island wide the number of total hospitalizations remains at 22. While this version of Covid is definitely less severe, testing positive will alter your travel plans. Please take the necessary precautions to remain Covid free - and we all know what they are - sanitize, mask and distance. Stay safe!
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    Re: Urgent news - remainder of Bash events cancelled...


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