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Thread: Food Delivery Cliffs

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    Food Delivery Cliffs

    Was recently in Miami Beach and had some food delivered to me on the beach, which was quite convenient and fun.

    Question is, staying at Catcha, is there any kind of Uber Eats or do certain restaurants deliver?
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    Re: Food Delivery Cliffs

    Local couple, great service!
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    Re: Food Delivery Cliffs

    Virtually every place will deliver, just ask them to send it by taxi. There will be a fee added by the driver and a tip is a nice gesture. Some places have free delivery when the order is over a certain amount, such as Seastar Inn - free delivery for orders of US$ 30 or more.

    The larger places may have you pay by credit card when placing your order, just be sure to check you bank online (ONLY if you have a VPN or a data plan - NOT over wifi) or wait until you get home.
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