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Thread: Club Mobay membership card

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    Club Mobay membership card

    Has anyone purchased one of these cards? It looks like a good deal if you come to Jamaica multiple times a year. It says meet and greet not included. Does that mean when you use it on arrival that you can't skip the lines or can you show it to the right people and walk straight to their line in immigration? Can you use it on departure even if they are full? If you buy the 10 pass card does that mean you would have 5 round trip uses? They really don't specify much on the details.

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    Re: Club Mobay membership card

    The Membership Card for Club MoBay and Club Kingston is for very frequent travelers, targeting more of the business traveler. There is no meet and greet so you will use the non-expedited lines. Business travelers often arrive at times when there is not much traffic at the airport so expedited lines are of little value.

    The 10 pass card allows you access to the Club facilities including the showers, which is convenient when getting ready for a business meeting or cleaning up after a busy day of meetings.

    For the vacation traveler, the Meet and Greet package is still the preferred was to go.
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