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Thread: Pimento (Allspice) barrel staves (or planks)

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    Question Pimento (Allspice) barrel staves (or planks)

    Thank you for allowing me to join the Negril forum! Negril is one of my favorite places on this planet.

    One reason I joined is I am looking for barrel staves made of Pimento. Does anyone in Jamaica make kegs or barrels from Pimento wood? If those aren't available, perhaps I can buy Pimento lumber and have that converted into staves. Are there any coopers or lumber yards within a reasonable taxi ride of Negril that might sell them?

    I will be visiting Negril in late October. I have until then to make arrangements, or this project will have to wait until next year.

    Many whiskeys are aged in charred White Oak barrels. Many people use Hickory or Mesquite when they barbecue meat. Obviously, Jamaicans use Pimento when they prepare jerk meat. I'm interested in an experiment to see what rum tastes like after being aged in pimento wood. It might be good. It might be horrible. I don't know any method of finding out other than trying it.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can share.

    I have a friend that works at a (legal) local moonshine distillery in Tennessee. The company is making their first batch of rum as I write this.

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    Re: Pimento (Allspice) barrel staves (or planks)

    Which moonshine distillery? I live in TN and would love to try their rum.
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    Re: Pimento (Allspice) barrel staves (or planks)

    I haven't heard of barrels made of pimento wood but they possibly could be out there.
    I thought of the Hamilton Rum Jamaican Pimento Dram...which leads me to suggest you may want to contact one of the distillery's here...Appleton, Worthy Park etc for information.

    There's a few lumber yards around Negril that are easy to access...the largest being Smart Choice. If they don't have pimento wood, they can tell you where to get it.

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    Re: Pimento (Allspice) barrel staves (or planks)

    Iíve been importing Pimento Wood into the United States from Jamaica for 17 years. Even if you could find what youíre looking for Pimento Wood is on the list of possible endangered species and they banned the export of Pimento Wood in March 2021. Technically itís considered an agricultural product and it Hass to be heat treated and certified that itís been treated before it leaves Jamaica. So you canít just shove it in your luggage and get it through customs itíll get confiscated. Our customers include Jim Beam - they flavored whiskey with our Pimento Wood and numerous breweries who have used it to smoke ingredients to make their beer. Pimentowood dot com is the site to learn more about it.

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