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Thread: Please return your Red Stripe bottles!

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    Please return your Red Stripe bottles!

    Unlike the rum shortage that is being caused by the lack of new rum bottles, Red Stripe has a bottle problem with returnable bottles as well as no new bottles.

    Red Stripe has created a policy that all beer retailers be it bars, restaurants, grocery stores and even the small mom and pop shops are only receiving new beer in the amount of how many empties that they are returning. One new beer for one empty.

    So if you at a bar, "try" to finish the beer and leave it with the establishment. I know it is great to walk Negril on a hot day with a beer in hand, but if you can, either finish the beer at the bar, or return a different empty there on a different Negril walk.

    If you buy a couple cases at HiLo, try and save the empties and return them to HiLo.

    I have been buying Red Stripe in cans to bypass the issue completely.
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    Re: Please return your Red Stripe bottles!

    Last February we bought 2 cases at Mega Mart in Mobay. Collette Parker was more than happy to pickup the empties at our hotel.

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    Re: Please return your Red Stripe bottles!

    Unique logistics issues!
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