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Thread: Red Stripe History

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    Red Stripe History

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    Re: Red Stripe History

    Yes! Red Stripe was originally an American brew. The Great Depression and WWII messed up a lot of things...

    But left Jamaica with an excellent brew!
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    Re: Red Stripe History

    Funny story though. I was about to make a report that the Red Stripe shortage had reared its ugly head again. We started at the Green Grocer, no Red Stripe, no Appleton's. HiLo downtown, same. Midway Market, nope, and even HiLo Boardwalk, no Red Stripe, no Appleton's, not even a single cold one in any of the fridges. We had to drive all the way to Orange Bay. Yup they have cases of Red Stripe but you need to have an equal amount of empties. On the way back we passed the Red Stripe truck just leaving Negril, ha ha, what would the chances be. Back to HiLo Boardwalk and sure enough, the shelves were full of six packs and cases. So full that they had to put a pallet full of cases in the isle, and yup, Appleton's 62 on the shelf. Jamaica......if you don't find what you're looking for...just wait 10 minutes.

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