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Thread: Started Playing Around ... First Question

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    Started Playing Around ... First Question

    Just had a chance to sit down and start playing on the new site. Looking good so far. First question... What is the difference between a profile photo and an avatar? I thought they were the same thing.

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    I was wondering that, too.

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    BrenJaLee, I just found that the avatar will display under your name when posting and the profile picture can be a separate picture that others see when they click on your name to see your profile. But I just tried to put a picture up under avatar and it won't let me edit. So maybe it has be done when first registering.??

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    Yes, Schuttzie is right about the difference but I believe that the avatars have been disabled for users, I asked Rob that question on one of the other posts, but I dont think he has answered it yet. It looks like he (as admin) is the only one with an avatar, so I believe the feature is disabled for everyone else, which would mean you would have to click on a users profile to see their picture

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    The avatar feature has been activated - you should be able to set your own avatar now.


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