Hi everyone.

I'm new to the Mobay board so my apologies if a similar question has recently been asked.

My friends are heading to Jamaica for the first time in late March, staying at the Hilton Rose Hall in Mobay. It will be about 9 total (5 adults and 4 kids ranging from 10 years to 1 year old). They've asked me the best way to get to their hotel since they don't have a dedicated shuttle. I typically stay in Negril, so don't really know the answer off the top of my head, so I was hoping someone had an idea of how much a cab typically costs for a 15 minute drive from the airport to the hotel (15 min based on what the hotel said). Basically I'm trying to find out if it's a better option than booking private transport which is what I've seen at about $160/roundtrip based on the size of the party -- which seems like a little high for such a short trip. I figure two cabs would be an option.

Last thing -- based on this being their first trip, they'd want a JUTA/official cab as opposed to the "unofficial" cab drivers which I've definitely used in the past, ha.

Thanks for any info!