In recent weeks, I received an email from Omega Sales/Marketing expressing their deep concern regarding my hospital experience. I met with the Sales Rep and CFO earlier this month. I shared the details, reliving every hellish detail. They listened, took notes and confirmed an internal investigation would be conducted. Once complete, they would share their findings with me. Have not heard a word since the meeting on the 5th. I have reached out twice. No response.

During this meeting I learned that the CFO and other higher ups were on property, aware and discussing amongst themselves that I was transferring to Sav for surgery due to their costs being more than I could manage. It was said to me?.they could not understand why the transfer to Sav public hospital when Sav does not perform the type of surgery I needed. Yep, you read it! They knew I could not have the surgery at Sav and never came to me to advise, never said a word about it to me until this meeting. And they call themselves medical professionals?

Upon exciting the Boardroom, several persons were sitting in an adjacent room. Were they listening to our convo? Ironically, Dr Dale Foster, Owner/Director was there, he waved and smiled. He could have come to the meeting too!

A Guide to Ethical Practice in Jamaica, drafted and published by the Jamaica Medical Council, outlines the ethical principles and standards that medical professionals should follow. Have they violated these principles and standards? Yes!

On a lighter note, I finally received my medical records, X-rays and the refund owed to me.

The saga continues?.