Friday was back to typical Negril weather. Had breakfast on the balcony and then got ready for a beach day, grabbed a route taxi to town and then walked to NBCC. That was a common route for me to take. By the time I walked from around Popeye's to NBCC, it was time to find the sea, hopefully some breeze and definitely a red stripe. Lather up in sunscreen and head on down the beach, seaweed or no seaweed. Usually stop at Sunnyside for a couple, then on to Sunbeach for a couple more, usually running in to Skip and or Ernie at one or both locations. . Wound up grabbing a couple of pattys from Miss Sonia's to tide me over for the afternoon.

Friday's are another music day at Drifter's. This also happened to coincide with a Facebook page party for a page I follow. Another good time as far as music and people go although there was a bit of drama. I just took it all in and enjoyed the otherwise wonderful vibe. Grabbed some food from Corner Bar (fried chicken and rice and peas and coleslaw) and was back on my balcony by 8:30 chowing down. Stripes, hoots and music for the rest of the evening on the balcony. Gawd I miss that. Saturday was pretty much a rinse and repeat of Friday save for having a lobster pizza at Sunrise Club. I've heard good things about other pizzas at other bars/restaurants and I will get around to trying some of them but I figured this would be the only time I'd have pizza this trip so went with what I know. Once again, outstanding. Rifled it down in no time. Delicious.

Superbowl Sunday was not much different. Checked out the beach from the public area close to the craft/fish market and it was in much better shape than further down. Had a swim, on down to the Sandbox, then Sunbeach, then Drifter's for some afternoon music. Stopped at Corner Bar for one on the way back to the suite. Didn't attend any Superbowl party. Honestly, I was quite content watching most of the game through the sliding glass door from the balcony enjoying curry goat from Sips n' Bites listening to some reggae. Watched the last quarter and o/t inside, sat on the balcony for a while and called it a night.