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Thread: Things reggae related to see in Kingston

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    Things reggae related to see in Kingston

    I thought I would post this over here as well. Considering a day trip to Kingston and was wondering if anyone could recommend some things to see/do that are music related. I'm a huge reggae fan. I know there is the Bob Marley museum and Tuff Gong Studios, but other than that any recommendations? Thanks!
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    How about a Tour of Kingston tailored to your needs? Jamaica Cultural Tour .google them..reasonable, knowledgeable, safe ..

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    Re: Things reggae related to see in Kingston

    A trip to Emancipation Park will give you a vibe of the roots of Jamaica and thus the roots of Reggae!

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    Re: Things reggae related to see in Kingston

    the bithplace of reggae music, trenchtown, is as interesting as the museum or tuff gong, this is CULTURAL YARD in trenchtown, that can be visited..there is a famous tour guide called fred, you can link him at this mail: runningriver28@yahoo.com, he is going everywhere in kingston and he knows a lot of people in many studios downtown and uptown, if you are lucky you can even meet certain artists with him !
    do not forget to visit parade and orange steet, and what is left from the record shops, for example randy s or rocker s international!you can also pass through the studio one boulevard close to crossroads!

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    Re: Things reggae related to see in Kingston

    a lot of studios nowadays can be found in the half way tree area, for example mixing lab, where sly and robbie are recording sometimes , and beres hammond studio: harmony house..
    the owner of mixing lab likes very much foreign visitors, it is easy to go in and see him welcoming you, he is a very nice man!

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