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Thread: Damn good jerk spice

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    I use walkerswood jerk seasoning. Not the sauce. I add some hickory smoke flavor barbeque sauce and marinade a whole chicken cut in half over night. The next day I cook it on a charcoal smoker @ about 200 degrees with added wet wood chips soaked in red stripe. Takes a good hour to cook. Here is the link to hot sauce world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark Bait Bobbitt View Post
    Ive tried so many times to duplicate a JA jerk chicken meal at home, and always failed. Ive tried so many different types of jerk sauces sold in Jamaica and they fail. The good stuff is made from scratch. I started watching Levi Roots on the cooking channel. He makes his own jerk sauce, which is an old recipe passed down from his grandmother. He sells his own sauce and calls it Reggae Reggae Sauce. During one of his shows he mentions using his Reggae sauce or Walkerwoods sauce. I decided to buy some Walkerswood on Amazon. I mixed the sauce with olive oil and Red Stripe, as instructed by Levi Roots. This was by far the closest experience Ive had at home to a true jerk chicken meal. IMO, Walkerswood is about the closest ting to the real deal. Now I just need to learn how to make coconut bread or rice bread.

    Here's a link to Levi Roots and some of his Caribbean recipes:

    Have to agree with Shark, always fail, you can never get the recipe just right.
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