I have been thinking about doing an extended stay within the next 12-18 months. to "Try it out" I was thinking maybe a month?

Looking for a few options. grassrootsnegril.com was posted in another thread. Has anyone stayed there? How "Far away" is it?

Also, what are some other options?

My main concerns are


Transportation would also be a main concern of mine. I would definitely NOT want to take a taxi every time. I would want to drive myself for convenience as well as site seeing.

Is there a good place to rent a car for a long period of time, or would it be cheaper to buy a hoopdie and sell it prior to leaving?

Anything else anyone can think of that would be helpful would be great?

Rob and Lisa, or anyone else who lives there full time or stays there for an extended period. What's the average cost per day would you say to live comfortably but not like a king?