Idle Awhile Cliffs Resort
Welcome to Idle Awhile Cliffs, Idle Awhile Resort's new sister property tucked away in a serene neighborhood on the cliffs of Negril, just past Negril Lighthouse. 

Guests at Idle Awhile Cliffs get free access to Couples Swept Away's famous Sports Complex and free shuttle service to and from Idle Awhile to use the Idle Awhile Beach and Chill Awhile Restaurant 

With 3 two-story villas it’s the ideal place to relax away from the bustle of crowded lobbies and beaches. Our Villas are air-conditioned, two full bathrooms, with an outdoor shower, flat screen television with cable service, wireless internet, and a beautiful fresh water pool wrapped by a stone tanning deck that leads to a ladder for easy access to the beautiful Caribbean Sea for swimming and snorkeling on the reef.
Hide Awhile Resort
Hide Awhile Resort
Hide Awhile Resort
Contact Info:
Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril, Jamaica 
877-243-5352 or direct 876-957-9566
Fax: 876-957-9567


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Medical Information: Negril Health Centre (Govt): 957-4926 - Doctor's Medical Clinic (near HiLo): 957-3770 - Omega Medical Clinic (near Roundabout): 957 - 9307