Kuyaba Negril
In 1965, the place that we now call Kuyaba was a very different place. In those days, Negril was a still a sleepy little town with a handful of inhabitants 
and lots of uncleared land. 
It was in that same year that an ambitious young Jamaican named Israel Williams used purse winnings from the 
famous racehorse None-Such (which he bred) to purchase a 'patch of jungle 'in Negril, Jamaica. None-Such went on to become a legend  
in regional horse racing and every year the Caymannas Polo Club presents The None-Such Award to honor excellence among thoroughbreds and their breeders. 
'The Beach' not yet called Sea Gem (or Kuyaba) was strictly for his family who visited mostly on Sundays. Visits were the labour of love removing 2 mountains of conch shells deposited by generations of fisherman. 
Also removed was a forest of unfriendly thorning plants called Nichol (cucomakka) which climbed up to 50 feet high . there was no electricity nor water, not many locals but tons of fireflies, sandflies, and mosquitos.  
Nevertheless the Williams loved the clear blue water and white powder sand which made it a special place over the decades.  
In the 70's , many people found out about this place called Negril and soon we were visited by flower children and travelers of all kinds who were  
searching for something spectacular. 
Before long, our thatched huts were not sufficient. Simple wooden cottages were constructed, some of which still stand on the property as a reminder of days gone by. 
Once arrived, our guests were hosted by Ms. Louise and three of her daughters who were instrumental in making Kuyaba truly special. 
Eventually , a restaurant was added, and renamed 'Kuyaba.'  
The word Kuyaba is actually an Arawak Indian word used to describe a paradise for feasting, drinking and dancing. 
A fitting name, we think you'll agree, for a beautiful place like none you've ever seen.
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