Secrets Cabins

Hello, I'm Audrey Sykes. I want to welcome you and introduce you to Secrets. Some 28 years ago a local old-time builder of wooden houses, Mr. Justin Myrie, built for me seven or eight little wooden cabins out of cedar from the nearby forests. They were built among the trees on the beach in Negril, before most of the buildings which are now along the Negril shoreline existed. The secret is that 4 cabins still exist and, under the name of "SECRETS", are a very low-priced alternative form of beachfront accommodation in this prime location. 
Just imagine, a few seconds' walk past the hibiscus, bougainvillaea, ixoria and Jamaican periwinkles - beneath the Otaheite apples (in season), bananas, tangerines and coconuts, and you're on the beautiful Caribbean beachfront with your beach bench and your free morning coffee. 
If you are looking for a budget hotel, hostel, lodgings, camping or low-priced room, you may find that Secrets offers you more of what you want than you were expecting.
Secrets Cabin
Secrets Cabin
Secrets Cabin
Contact Info:
Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril, Jamaica. Phone (876) 9574358, or (876) 9579325, Fax (876) 9573447


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