Travellers Beach Resort

Make Travellers your vacation destination and wake up on the world famous 7 mile white sand beach of Negril Jamaica. This family owned Negril beach resort offers several room types for relaxation, entertainment, and comfort while the warmth of the sun and the cool Caribbean waters allow you to escape from every day life. At Travellers you may arrive as a guest, but you will leave as part of the family!

Located on Negril’s beautiful white sand seven mile beach, Travellers Beach Resort was founded in 1993 by Winston Wellington. A proud Jamaican, Mr. Wellington, quite the traveler himself, began Travellers as a bar and restaurant with a single bungalow.  The land; originally wild Jamaican bush, was cleared by Wellington himself, leaving four beautiful sea grape trees that still offer shade to sunbathers and restaurant guests on the beach.  Having started from humble beginnings, Travellers has grown into a 60 room resort including a vast array of resort accommodations. Conveniently situated a 5 minute walk from the Negril town centre, Travellers prime location offers those who wish an opportunity to explore Negril to truly get an understanding of Jamaica’s rich culture and heritage.

Travellers Beach Resort in Negril Jamaica
Travellers Beach Resort in Negril Jamaica
Travellers Beach Resort in Negril Jamaica
Contact Info:
876.957.3039 (Jamaica)
718.514.6031 (USA)


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