Nigel's Jamaican Almond Oil
Made in the hill of Negril,Nigel’s Jamaican Almond Oil has become a favorite for locals and tourists alike. Did you know that the Jamaican Almonds are one of the rarest almonds in the world. Nigel a local resident has known the value of the Jamaican Almonds for years but it wasn’t until recently he and his wife Jessica discovered the amazing oil that comes from one of Jamaica’s most valuable resources. Only the finest heirloom sweet Jamaican Almonds are collected, then hand cracked (and it’s a tough nut to crack). After washing the almonds are sunned for 24 hours,and ready for Cold-pressing! It takes over 500 Jamaican Almonds to make one ounce of Nigel’s Jamaican Almond Oil,nuttin but love is added. Excellent skin lubricant, emollient and moisturizer, excellent for body massage, balances moisture of the skin reviving the natural glow. Amazing hair conditioner, adding luster and strength. Great for eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin. Visit our website for more information on use and benefits. Nigel’s Jamaican Almond Oil can be found at Negril Treehouse,Rockhouse,Zimballi Retreats and Moon dance beach. We look forward to adding more locations. We ship to U.S. A.!
Nigel's Jamaican Almond Oil in Negril Jamaica
Nigel's Jamaican Almond Oil in Negril Jamaica
Nigel's Jamaican Almond Oil in Negril Jamaica
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