Tanya's Secret Escape

My mission is to provide the most comprehensive, effective and efficient health care to my patients, taking into consideration their individual needs. With an extensive range of techniques, I will tailor every treatment to their individual needs.

Located of the West End next to 3 Dives Jerk Centre.

During my years in the field of Massage Therapy I have seen one treatment help clients with multiple health issue. Issues that they would otherwise have taken all sorts of prescriptions drugs to alleviate and we all know that meds causes many of the problems in our systems. Way of life, work, habits and our surroundings are also contributing factors to our health issues and massage is a natural way to assist the body in coping with these.

Therapeutic Massage on the other aims to manipulate muscles and tissues in order to aid in the healing process – by releasing pain, tension and stress, promoting circulation and relaxation, and contributing to the body’s overall well-being

Tanya's Secret Escape in Negril Jamaica
Tanya's Secret Escape in Negril Jamaica
Tanya's Secret Escape in Negril Jamaica
Contact Info:
Director: Tanya Weise
Phone: (876) 887-4918


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