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This Leslie Parkinson, A.K.A. Tallman Jamaica Tours. I'm working as an independent taxi & tour operator out of Negril,the most western part of Jamaica. As an active member of Jamaica's reputable Union of Travellers Association JUTA, I am a contract-driver for PRESTIGE TOURS, providing Taxi & Tour-Service for some of Jamaica's finest hotels.

This year I'm celebrating 20 years of taxi and tour-service. From the airports to the white beaches of Negril in the west, the Blue Mountains in the east and the heartbeat of Jamaica, Kingston. Thousands of my visitors experienced 20 years of safe, comfortable and fun-filled carefree travelling, enjoying the beauty of our island in the sun.

The XX. anniverary of my taxi & tour business, I trust, is also a good time to look forward... and go online. I hope, all my loyal costumers will find this site convenient, informativ and entertaining - and of course I expect to convince many many more tourists: Jamaica? - Yah mon!

Tallman's Jamaica Tours in Negril Jamaica
Tallman's Jamaica Tours in Negril Jamaica
Tallman's Jamaica Tours in Negril Jamaica
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