Beach House Villas Wedding Package
Your wedding day, a beautiful and momentous occasion, the memories of which will live on forever. The tradition, the church, the flowers, the friends and family, these are the ingredients for the typical wedding, but why settle for typical? Why not create some unique and distinctive memories? Why not have beauty and tradition, but have it wrapped in the arms of a beautiful Caribbean paradise? Why not come together with the one you love on the white sands of world famous Negril beach in your own perfect Jamaican wedding!  
Getting married in Jamaica is an opportunity to break free from the usual, and experience your special day on your terms. By having your wedding in Jamaica, you can not only have a beautiful, memorable wedding ceremony, but a relaxing, and let's face it, after all the wedding planning, much needed tropical vacation. 
Our Beach House Villas, although being located right on the sand, are private and secluded, the perfect setting for your Jamaican wedding. By having your wedding in Jamaica at our Beach House Villas, you will be able to enjoy all that Jamaica has to offer while avoiding the crowds, because let's face it, romantic Jamaican wedding getaway parties aren't the only ones to head to Jamaica. Families, spring breakers, and tourists from around the world flock to this island paradise. So why not avoid the crowds and make getting married in Jamaica special, and private, by staying at one of our beautiful Beach House Villas! 
Testimonial from Jim and Sue McGee, Oklahoma City. 9/22/05 
Teri and all staff members, 
Thank you for making our trip one of a lifetime. It was really memorable, not only to learn something about Jamaica through hands-on experience, but to be able to visit with relatives whom we had not seen in some cases for many years. Andrew and Danielle's wedding was very lovely. The weather cooperated, and the setting on the penthouse of the beach house with the view of the Carribean was magnificent. The staff was patient and cooperative with us first - timer tourists and made us feel very welcome. If the opportunity presents itself, we may come again. We'll certainly recommend Beach House Villas to all our friends. Teri, I wish we could have met you, but I understand that you work from a location other than Beach House. Thank you again for your coordination and information
Beach House Villas Wedding Package
Beach House Villas Wedding Package
Beach House Villas Wedding Package
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