Shopping is available from craft stalls, both on the street and at the two craft markets. Something to catch your interest will also be found in tourist souvenir shops, and duty-free stores. Woodcarvings, straw goods, indigenous art, perfumes, watches, and jewelry are available. One can also buy an array of cooking spices and sauces, Blue Mountain coffee, rums and liqueurs, and cigars. Jamaican music is available on CDs.

There are three shopping centers in town. On Norman Manley Blvd. (the beach road) - the newest center to open is Time Square. The complex is comprised of duty-free specialty stores andgift shops. At the roundabout in the center of town, one can find the ValueMaster grocery store, fruit stalls, the Cable & Wireless Jamaica communications center where phone cards may be purchased, and other small shops. In the Hi-Lo Shopping center (on the road towards the cliffs, one will find an arcade with more gift shops, a large air-conditioned grocery store, outdoor eateries, a travel agent, two banks, and a video checkout center.

For those looking for authentic Jamaican carvings and other items, please be sure to check out the open air Craft Market beside the Negril River near the center of town.


Negril Shopping
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Date Show or Event
Apr24 Boardie Bash Sunset
Apr24 Jazz on the Beach
Apr24 Bongos Early Bird
Apr24 Jazz on the Beach
Apr24 Live Music on the Beach
Apr25 Boardie Bash Party!!!
Apr25 One Love Pub Crawl
Apr25 Live Reggae & Buffet
Apr25 Live Music on the Beach
Apr25 Live Music on the Beach
Apr26 Boardie Bash Concert
Apr26 Folkloric Dinner Show
Apr26 Dinner Beach Party
Apr26 Live Music on the Beach
Apr27 Boardie Bash Brunch
Apr27 One Love Pub Crawl
Apr27 Live Music on the Beach
Apr28 Sunset SteelDrum Dinner
Apr28 Karaoke Mondays
Apr28 Live Music on the Beach
Apr28 Live Music on the Beach
Apr29 Noon Webcast Party
Apr29 Boardie Bash Sunset
Apr29 Live Music on the Beach
Apr30 One Love Pub Crawl
Apr30 Live Music on the Beach
May10 Family Fun Day
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