Adventure Activities in Negril Jamaica

Negril Jamaica is an adventure! If you are an adrenaline junkie, Negril has the activities for you!

Negril Adventure

Adventure is what it is all about! Get the heart racing while enjoying everything life has to offer! Below are some of the adventurous activities that Negril has to offer.

ATVs at Jamwest in Negril Jamaica

ATVs at Jamwest

All the ATV quad-bikes and dune-buggies are automatic, safe and incredibly easy to drive. 100% off road, let your adrenaline fuel the adventure.

Zip Line above a Falls in Negril Jamaica

Zip Line above a Falls

If Zip Lining is your thing, you can zip the entire length of YS Falls! It is an experience to remember forever!

Pelican Bar in Negril Jamaica

Pelican Bar

One of the most unusal places to visit while vacationing in Jamaica is not even located on land! The Pelican Bar is located out at sea off the south coast of Jamaica near Treasure Beach.

Racing at Jam West in Negril Jamaica

Racing at Jam West

Nothing gets your heart racing as much as racing! Jam West, located in Little London is the place to test your driving skills on a real raceway!

Cliff Jumping in Negril Jamaica

Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping is a sure fire way to get the pulse pumping! Taking that last step off into the air and then splashing down in our Caribbean Sea! Visitors are injured each year, so use your head and jump at your own risk.

Hike The Blue Mountain in Negril Jamaica

Hike The Blue Mountain

If hiking and exploring is your thing, arrange an early moring hike to Jamaica's highest point - the Blue Mountain! It is a true life changing experience.

Other Way Pub Crawl in Negril Jamaica

Other Way Pub Crawl

For those who feel adventurous and want to get off the beaten path, there is the "Other Way Pub Crawl". It takes visitors outside of Negril and stops at several small local bars. It takes place every Thursday from 1 to 5pm. The meeting spot is Roger's Bar on the beach road starting at noon! For more information, click here! and our Negril Message Board is the most trusted source of reliable information on everything Negril since 1995! If you have any addditional questions feel free to ask! Open to all, there is no need to join a group, follow, like or friend anything in order to read the posts. In order to reply, please feel free to register!

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