A Negril Sunset in Negril Jamaica

A Negril Sunset

March 1st - 6th, 2017

This year has gotten off to a great start for Negril! There has been incredible concerts, fun events and even great charity functions. Visitors from all over the world have found their piece of paradise along our tropical shores. Negril is a one of a kind vacation spot! In addition to all the above activities, probably the most universally shared is our world famous Negril sunsets! The sun drops down toward the horizon of the Caribbean Sea and you can bask in one of nature's most awesome sights. Never the same twice, the sun can even create beautiful visions high up in the clouds, so do not forget to look up and turn around sometime and see what color the clouds above and behind have become. The original "lightshow". Over the years we have posted many sunsets, to see them all please click on the highlighted word "sunset" on each of our sunset pages. Each link will take you to our previous sunset page. We hope you enjoy them all! Negril has so much to offer, so to find out more about up coming events, please feel free to check out our Bars/Entertain section above. For more great things to do in and around Negril, please check out our Things To Do section! To help you find the perfect places to stay, please check out our Hotels section on the Main Menu link above! And to get to Negril and see the things to do, check out the affordable transportation in our Transport section also located on our Main Menu above!

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