Giddy House at Port Royal in Negril Jamaica

Giddy House at Port Royal

June 12th, 2013

Last week we took a bit of a break from Negril to check out the beautiful island of Jamaica. There are many historical sites to see all around the country. Today we are featuring the Giddy House that was built in 1888. It was the Royal Artillery Store for the Victoria Battery at Fort Charles. In 1907 an earthquake rocked the Fort area and the store sank in the soil at about 45% angle. Because of this angle, when you enter the building you get a strange sensation - some called it a giddy feeling. This is how the name Giddy House originated! You will note in today's Negril Today photo that there are many school children roaming the grounds. They were there for a school field trip held on the 321st anniversary of the 1692 earthquake that sank much Port Royal into the Caribbean Sea. More on that tomorrow on our Negril Today page! To find more things to do while visiting the island, please check out our Things To Do section!

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