On the Way to Negril in Negril Jamaica

On the Way to Negril

June 21st, 2013

On the way to Negril from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, it is a very scenic drive. There are many great places to stop and take in the view. Today we are featuring the view from the Sea View on the Run bar atop a hill overlooking the sea in the Cousins Cove area. In the view shown, the buildings below mark where the "old road" to Negril originally ran. Some people mistakenly think that the current inland road was the "old road". This can't be the "old road" as it still exists. The real "old road" that was the way to Negril ran right along the coast, and some parts of it have fallen into the sea and other parts were incorporated into the new, current road to Negril. But if you ask your driver, they can still take you on some of the small parts of the old road, and the spot in the Cousins Cove area is one of the most memorable remaining. To help in your hotel choices on where to stay in Negril, please feel free to check out our Hotels section!

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