Push Cart at Sunset in Negril Jamaica

Pushcart at Sunset

August 15th - 18th, 2015

Among the well known places to dine,especially at sunset in Negril is the Pushcart Restaurant and Rum Bar on the cliffs of the West End! Pushcart is the Rockhouse modern version of the classic Jamaican “Jerk Centre”. Pushcart serves up a full spectrum of the island’s traditional fare in a lively, colorful, and music-filled outdoor atmosphere. Enjoy perfectly smoked and seasoned chicken, pork, and fish straight off the jerk pan grill, served with all of the classic fixings of “yard” cuisine. Pushcart takes guests on a culinary tour of the island, with dishes like peppered shrimp (inspired by roadside vending in Middle Quarters, St. Elizabeth where vendors rush your car with flavorful hot peppered shrimp in clear plastic bags), steamed fish with bammy (what vendors offer in Port Royal), and homemade jerk sausage (made famous by Jamaica's “jerk center” at Boston Bay, Portland). The menu also features other traditional Jamaican home cooking fare such as curried goat, oxtail and fried chicken. And do not forget the Bushman Stew! To find out other places to dine while in Negril, check out our Dining section!

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