Blue Mountain Coffee Fields in Negril Jamaica

Blue Mountain Coffee Fields

September 2nd - 3rd, 2013

Jamaica is an amazing island to explore! There are waterfalls, blue holes, lagoons and of course the world famous Blue Mountains! The Blue Mountains are world renown for it's fabulous one of a kind coffee grown only here in Jamaica! It is a coffee connoisseurs paradise! In Ian Fleming's novel, 'Dr. No", James Bond is quoted as saying "Blue Mountain coffee – the most delicious in the world!" In the Blue Mountains you can see the beans being picked and roasted and sample one of the greatest tastes known to man! Today's Negril Today picture was emailed to us a while back by IrieLita and Coopie, they said they would exchange this view for the view of their Illinois cornfields anytime! So come to Jamaica and explore our country! There is something to satisfy everyone on our tropical island paradise! See you soon! To find more things to check out while vacationing in Negril, please be sure to click on our Things To Do section!

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