Sunnyside Bar with Maureen in Negril Jamaica

Sunnyside Bar with Maureen

December 6th - 7th, 2016

When you are walking the world famous seven mile beach in Negril, there are many friendly faces that you will see. Today we are featuring the smiling face of Maureen at the Sunnyside Bar! Maureen and Robert at Sunnyside Bar want to say hello to all their wonderful patrons who stopped by over the years! This is their 5th year in operation and work hard to keep their guests satisfied with ice cold beverages on our beautiful Seven Mile Beach! They continue to thank all the visitors for the support you have shown! A big up to you all! There are many great things to do in and around Negril which you can always find in our Things To Do section located on our Main Menu above. And to get to these great things to do, check out the affordable transportation in our Transport section also located on our Main Menu!

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