The Great Morass in Negril Jamaica

The Great Morass from Chippewa Village

December 18th - 20th, 2016

If this wasn't, you may have a difficult time guessing what this picture shows. It could be an African safari. But it is nothing like that. This photo of the Great Morass has been taken from the Loft Apartment at the rustic Chippewa Village. Under a blanket of tall bamboo trees and other beautiful foliage, it would be hard to find a better place to cool and relax after a day full of action on our beautiful Seven Mile Beach, just a few steps away. The back of the property is amazing, overlooking the Great Morass nature preserve where you are sure to see some amazing birds, lizards but no lions, tigers or bears! (grin) To find out other great things to do in and around Negril you can always locate them in our extensive Things To Do section located on our Main Menu above. And to get to these amazing things to do, check out the affordable transportation in our Transport section also located on our Main Menu!

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