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Thread: first visit 1/2011

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    Leaving Port Antonio….thanks everyone for tagging along…

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    so sorry it's finished!

    thanks for sharing Vi!!!!!!!

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    thanks Sammy....I have one more....

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    *vi* Really enjoyed tagging along...as always you create the best picture report!! Luv it!!

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    Thanks a bunch Sparkle. I'm glad you came along.

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    You are a great photographer, I can't wait to reach back in Port Antonio.

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    I agree with butterfly...your photos are wonderful *v1*. I too have enjoyed the photo trip report, my stylee for sure!

    Thanks again, I will make every effort to share upon return....so that you can relive parts of PA again!
    "In the beginning there was the word. The word was Jah.The word is in I, Jah isin I. I make what is good, better, and what is better, best.
    I follow this in every aspect of life."

    ~ Peter Tosh

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    Everyone is right!! Your photos are stunning!! I feel so much richer for having spent a few hours on a Sunday to take in the great shots you've shared!! Even more thrilling that I'll be able to see them or atleast some for myself. Soon Come Sweet Jamaica!! Thanks ~Vi~ for bringing it alive!! And back for us all to FULLJOY. Ahhh

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    Re: first visit 1/2011

    These are some truly lovely photos. Thanks so much for posting.

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    Re: first visit 1/2011

    I MUST go there!

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    Re: first visit 1/2011

    Thanks sbeth

    TBfan, make time to do the Rio Grande rafting and Reach Falls.

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    Re: first visit 1/2011

    Vi. i hope to do that.

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