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Thread: Duncan's Bay, Trelawny and Drapers, Portland

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    Lovely pics & great report Jeannie....thanks for taking the time & effort to share...

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    breathe taking pics and report!!-Thanks again!!

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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful pics.

    I've been to Port Antonio in 1997 and in 2009. In 1997 the Blue Lagoon Restaurant was still open and in 2009 it was a totally different location. So sad. Hope for the Jamaicans that they can rebuilt it soon. I do like the east coast but I prefer the south coast. I need the view of a sundown. In 1997 we stayed 3 weeks in Treasure Beach and it was a great experience.

    Love your trip reports. Please keep it going.
    One Love

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    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks Yazzi. This was our first trip to Portland besides a day we had spent a day there about 7 years ago when we stayed in Ocho Rios. The last 5 years we have styed in Treasure Beach. I missed watching the sunsets too.

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    Nice pictures. I loved the ones of the palace. I was there the same time as you. Going to post a few pictures soon.

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    Vi, Where did you stay? I look forward to your pictures. You always have great adventures.

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    Thanks...I had a couple of nice ones this reach. I stayed in Port Antonio again in a private home close to town.

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    Excellent photos and report! Enjoyed very much. Your husband certainly has a talent for carving.

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    Thank you Maryann. I will be sure to tell him you said so.

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    jeannie!!!! what a great trip report and the photos - breathtaking. I am going to PM you. Me and my beloved are going to Port Antonio for a several days at the end of April - I had planned on hitting many of your stops so I think I planned well. Bless
    Preach Peace / Live Love / Blessed Be

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    Thanks Sweetness! I replied to your PM.

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    Re: Duncan's Bay, Trelawny and Drapers, Portland

    Lovely photos!

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    Re: Duncan's Bay, Trelawny and Drapers, Portland

    Lovely report and pics Jeannie. I know am late but that is me

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    Re: Duncan's Bay, Trelawny and Drapers, Portland

    No problem Summer. Glad you liked the pics.

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    Re: Duncan's Bay, Trelawny and Drapers, Portland

    Nice report!

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