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  1. First trip to Negril - Travel Blog - Day 1

    Transferring over Travel report to new Blog Format...

    Here we go, Part 1 of our trip report

    I have to warn you in advance that this is going to be VERY LONG and very detailed.. but there will be plenty pictures once we reach Jamaica for those that like to skim. Feel free to just scroll down.

    My husband, Markus will be contributing too

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    Trip Report
  2. First trip to Negril - Travel Blog - Day 4

    It's the weekend, so we finally had some time to write more of our trip report...

    DAY 4 – Leaving the Grand Pineapple

    I woke up to the now familiar cry of a peacock. I lay in bed for a long moment just listening to all the sounds streaming in from our open window. The dogs barking in the distance, the birds chirping, the rustle of palm tree leaves, the sound of some of the staff speaking in patois to eachother.. I was really falling in love with this symphony of morning ...
  3. Rambo and Co-Comando Vol 8

    by , 07-15-2011 at 02:12 PM (Nevill....... The Patty Mon ! Part Two)

    Rambo and Co-Comando Vol 8

    .........although I felt I didn't need the light to know something was really wrong with my foot,the pain had been getting worse as the night went on. In the light one could see the bottom of my foot was cherry red, and very swollen.
    the ganja, mushrooms and Codeine that had kept the pain from being noticed had worn off, and IT HURT like HELL!.My wife Bless her Heart went and got the buckets that were still holding the sea water, and ...
  4. Negril Story Part 1

    For Beverley, 1974 is a year forever etched in her memory. From a love filled and joyous childhood growing up in rural Westmoreland, Jamaica, to the sudden traumatic experience of her mother dying in her arms from heat stroke, the rhythm of life changed dramatically for this little 10 year old girl. Her father, taking sick soon after her mother’s death, propelled the family into abject poverty. And as those childhood years began to pass, while her friends were out playing, she found herself caring ...
  5. Negril Story Part 2

    As he sat in the plane, waiting to take off, he stared out at the hills surrounding Montego Bay, and a million thoughts raced through his mind. Mostly, he marveled how God reveals the most precious things in life which find you when you least expect them. And as the plane lifted off, he realized he needed to return to Jamaica as soon as possible.

    Within a week he was back in Negril. Walking up the beach to look for her but she was nowhere to be found. And for three days he returned ...