Have seriously thought about the possibility of owning an apartment at PV. Before getting too serious I would like to know good and bad any details on ownership including.
Fees, Security, break in's if any, How renting works, Who cleans between rentals? Is this set up or are you on your own? US tax write off for expenses of visiting one time per year to inspect and maintain property? (Will also ask my accountant this one) How happy are you with your purchase? Is this a profitable investment or more of a I love Negril and own an apartment and I defer some costs of ownership? Any apartments worse than others as far as location or floor level? How is the maintenance?
What were or are the annual taxes from income from the apartment?
Just want a good clear picture of what it's like to be an owner. Feel free to answer here or PM me if you do not want everything out in the open.

Thank you in advance.