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Thread: Moving to Negril in the next year - need advice and contacts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kind View View Post
    Do not buy in Negril but look in surrounding areas. Negril is nice to visit here and there but to live in a tourist town in Ja is difficult. Drive out the Road to Sav and cruise around if you are serious. Also before Negril is Orange Bay, it's quiet there.
    This is why I said it might be a good idea to rent someplace first.
    I love living in Negril and live in a quiet area. I`m not sure I`d call it difficult...just different. To me Orange Bay is very similar to Negril....lots of foreigners moving into Orange Bay...

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    ...and write everything down. I will pay for your copious and detailed notes. My DREAM is to move to Grange Hill/country someday...15 years...hear dat?

    ...tick tick tick tick...

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    Hahahahhaaa ... hear that about the budget and about living not right in town Thanks all

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    well I am a foreigner LOL Orange Bay is beautiful as well. Love the market at Sav. And all the stonework along the roads.
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    well brasi - I am a writer of lists so you can be sure that as I learn I share and it looks like it'll be only 6 months a year till I can get permanent resident status - I'm sure I'll be waiting awhile before I hear back all the details from the govt.

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    here's a link to an obtaining residency thread


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    Thanx Seveen - that was a huge help. Full steam ahead. About as quick as a tugboat

    @ brasi - so all my travellin' friends have asked for the same thing you have - so I'm taking everything everyone gives me and posting it legibly on my site. it's a catchall for all the webstuff I do and it's new so everything's not there yet. work in progress. jacadian.com
    improvise & overcome

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    I love Grange Hill too! ummm now that I married my Jamiacan man....can I live there?? that's just a question, I have no plans on leaving Canada anytime soon...I'm just wondering if my lengths of stay can be longer??

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    You can apply to stay through the work permit exception (Spousal Waiver):


    You can also apply for citizenship - here is a Gleaner article explaining the procedure:


    I hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the link's Rob

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