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Thread: around & about Port Antonio

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    wow vi your pictures are amazing!!you have certainly peaked my interest in port antonio. I have one question, in this thread i have seen it reffered to as port antonio, port antonia and portland, can you explain the different uses?? how far from mo bay and in which direction? please excuse my ignorance.

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    Welcome tbay and thank you. Don't apologize for your questions.

    Portland is the parish....or state. Port Antonio is the capital of Portland. Portland is located on the east coast of Jamaica. A charter drive would take 3 1/2 to 4 hours from Montego Bay. That time estimate is dependent on traffic, road conditions and stops along the way.

    I reference "Portland" when travelling or touring outside Port Antonio.

    Feel free to ask me anything in reference to my post. If I don't know the answer I will do all I can get it for you.

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    Anybody up for a road trip today??????

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    Friday, July 6, 2011. This was the day I fell in love with Jamaica all over again.

    My visit to Moore Town. I hope you enjoy the scenery along the way as much as I did.

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    Originally I was planning to hike the Blue Mountains. Not mountaineer type trekking; Iím too clumsy for that. For me, it would be baby trails and paths that will guide me in my search of waterfalls and river channels. I heard the mountains are full of them. However, it rained the day the hike was scheduled and I wasnít going to be in Portland on the next scheduled hike date. So my driver suggested I see Moore Town, the home of the Maroons and the final resting place of Nanny, their national hero.

    Driving was a challenge because the heavy rains filled the countless pot holes making it difficult to judge how deep the hole was. So we had to take our time going around them.

    The slow drive was fine with me. I listened to OíNeil tell me stories about his childhood and growing up in Jamaica while I take hundreds of pictures.

    I learned a lot along the way. He would spot a particular plant or fruit, stop the car and take me as close to it as I could get then tell me the vegetationís use.

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    Love this part! Beautiful scenery! If you don't mind me asking; how much was the cab fare to Moore Town? How long was the trip? Thanks.

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    Hi JeannieB,

    I can’t begin to describe just how beautiful and peaceful it was there. I didn’t want to leave.

    I booked him for the entire day so that I could stop at other places along the way such as the falls or beach. So from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM I paid $100. That price included gas, his meals, beverages and time.

    Because the road is so bad up until you get to Moore Town (Moore Town roads are excellent!!) the drive is slow. A LOT of deep pot holes almost the entire way. So the timing is about 3 hours RT. That’s without stopping along the way for pictures.

    I didn't shop around for other drivers/prices, however. Someone else may give you a different rate. I went with O'Neil because I had been hiring him the entire stay in Portland and found him to be an excellent driver and guide. He knows Portland and Kingston like his own name.

    Oh I just remembered, I own you the boat captain's info. I'll get that tonight.

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