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Thread: around & about Port Antonio

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    around & about Port Antonio

    Spent 13 days and 12 nights in Port Antonio last month. Not enough words exist to describe that wonderful, unforgettable experience.

    I miss Portland painfully. I look at my 1,500+ pictures randomly every day hoping it will satisfy this yearning until I return.

    Going to share some pictures and highlights, but not do a “report” because I’m developing a blog which will overflow with stories, descriptions and praises regarding the places I visited, the people I met and the many moments of self discovery.

    Well anyway…to all who peek in, I hope you enjoy.

    My first breakfast....
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    in town

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    I not only got the chance to attend the Jerk Festival, but had the privilege of seeing the folks set up the day and night before. That was so cool

    The festival was held on Folly Point.

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    The Folly Mansion

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    heart be still......keep it coming Vi

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    Get the tissues out Sammy, some of these memories gonna bring tears to your eye...

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    down by the Rio Grande chillin

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    I am following you, Ms. Vi. SammyB can tell you who I am. I love your reports

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    Hi negriladdict...maybe my photos may have you giving Port Antionia a try??????
    Last edited by *vi*; 08-29-2011 at 04:10 PM.

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