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Thread: I'm booked!

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    I'm booked!

    First of all, a big thank you for advice in my first timer thread!
    Secondly, wow! I'm actually doing this! My flights are booked and hotelreservation made. I'll be in Negril Jan 18th to Feb 11th. I decided on Tree House. It seems to have the laid back feel I'm looking for. As I might have mentioned in my previous thread it's been a lifelong dream for me to pick up the courage and travel alone. I guess I could have started somewhere closer to home seeing as Jamaica is a long way from Norway. But I figured when I first took the leap, might as well make it big!
    The webcast and chat at realnegril.com have been visited and I'm bound to check back in plenty of times before the end of January. The time difference is going to make it hard for me to participate on weekdays but I guess I can take a couple of days being tired at work.
    I look forward to hanging out both here and on realnegril in the waiting for the real hangout in Negril!

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    Congratulations on taking the leap!! You won't regret it!! I fell in love with Negril on my first visit!!

    Looking forward to our next visit to beautiful Jamaica! See you soon!!

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    Hope to see you there!

    Blue Cave Castle '12, '13 '14 '15 '16 Catcha Falling Star '13 Boardwalk Village '14 '15

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    You too!

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    Okay-call me stupid-what days will you be in Negril?

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    Jan 28th to February 11th ... ?

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    Yes! That's my dates (we write dates in dd/mm/yy in Norway) Can't wait.
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    Just down the beach at Rooms Feb 3-17...........come on down!

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    good pizza at Treehouse .....

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    Treehouse is a good choice and the included breakfast is a nice bonus.Name:  Jamaica Nov 2009 324.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  66.4 KBName:  Jamaica Nov 2009 234.jpg
Views: 96
Size:  85.0 KBName:  Jamaica Nov 2009 204.jpg
Views: 93
Size:  63.5 KB The pool right on the beach is nice, and the hammock chairs in front of the rooms are hard to get out of.

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