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Thread: One Love shuttle bar crawl?

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    One Love shuttle bar crawl?

    Looking for some more info on this....where does it leave from and end up at? How much does it cost?

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    I'm glad you posted this...I just posted for more info on Negril boardies n FB. This seems like something that would be lots of fun but I want more details especially cost and what bars to they go to.

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    I have one word for you guys. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's great! Rob and Lisa do this. I am sure they will correct my errors on this, God Bless them! We went in late June, and it is amazing. Probably mostly on account of because Rob and Lisa are so amazing ... but I digress. Back in June, they started from different points each week. The whole idea is to let you see and savour different bars, restos, businesses, shops in the West End. It is great fun! They stop at 5 or 6 places along the way - differs each week - so you can actually stop at the places you see along the way. I can't remember all of the ones we stopped at (we went twice, & we went to a fab little country bar (I KNOW! In Jamaica??) and all kinds of fun places on the West End. We stopped at one place just beyond Rick's called a bunch of names I dont recall but LSU is one of them - Aubie makes THE greatest burgers! - for sunset (FAR better than Rick's!!) and we stopped at 3 Dives once. It doesn't cost anything to take the pub crawl, but be reasonable! Tip the driver; the webcasters. I believe it is on Wed.'s, so tell your family and friends to log in and see you partaying in Jamaica! Wave hello! They take you to fab places (the driver (help me out, Bewb! I forget his name) that you see as you drive by, but never get around to actually going to! It's great fun! You meet great people - probably a few Boardies you have met on line). It's a wonderful, fun way to spend an afternoon. You stop long enough for a drink at each place (if you want; no pressure!) with friendly people. You will find places you will remember forever. You get to connect with people you have seen on the message board, while exploring what the West End has to offer. The big Bonus is you get to piss off everyone at home because you are THERE and they are here! I think it's one of the most brilliant ideas to come out of Negril since the beach and Red Stripe! Promise me you will go. I GUARANTEE you a great and memorable time, with people you will love visiting places you will forever be glad you experienced. AND it will make you want to go back. Once you go, you know!

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    Here are the basics...

    Free (tips appreciated)

    Wednesdays 3pm-6pm

    West End Pub Crawl (different stops each week)

    Bus will pick you up... call 876.874.6631 or email bananaznegril@hotmail.com
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    OK all I have to say is:

    Anyone in Negril on Wednesday October 12th...you better be on this bus! LOL
    I will be there....can't wait!

    P.S. Rob and Lisa, please dont close the one love bus bar crawl for renovations that week (like everything else seems to be) !!!

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    I tried to take the bus last February. We called the number, but were told that they didnt give tours that week. The bus would be up and running again the day after we flew home... I really want to do it this year. How far ahead do we need to call or email?

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    The One Love Drive Shuttle Bar Crawl was started just a couple months ago. This is a relatively new event and was not being offered back in February.

    Each week Bnewb makes a post letting people know what is happen - here was last week's post:

    "Please remember to tune in to realnegril.com this Wednesday (today) for yet another exiting bar crawl
    starting at 3pm!

    For free pick up - please call: Love Bus@ 874 6631 or email: bananaznegril@hotmail.com
    Or Rob @ 423-5479 or pm us!

    ONE LOVE BUS...always a blast!!"
    Negril.com - For the vacation that never ends!

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    Lenbert replied to my post on FB so I've emailed him.

    I will be doing this in December as long as certain bars/restaurants aren't on the list. It sounds like lots of fun!

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    I attended this last week and had a great time. It's a must do on your next trip to Negril.

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