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Thread: Remembering Gilbert - 23 years ago

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    Remembering Gilbert - 23 years ago

    Hurricane Gilbert struck Jamaica on September 12, 1988. Attached videos are a tribute to the resourcefullness of Jamaicans who all pitched in to help each other and to ensure that those visitors from foreign who were on the island at the time were kept safe. I know that several of the current boardies were in Jamaica at the time and they also pitched in to help those affected by the storm.

    Wild Gilbert - Lovindeer

    Yellowman Wild Gilbert Hurricane/Lyrics

    Wild Gilbert Mix Video

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    I was staying on the beach at the Native Sun Villas (now the Sea Sand Eco Villas) when Gilbert passed overhead. There are really no words I have ever been able to come up with to properly describe that hurricane - to say I was frightened would be an understatement!

    But the reaction of the Jamaican people after Gilbert was the single most important reason why I made the decision to live in Jamaica. And my decision to move here has been backed up by the folks I run into everyday - their resourcefulness is still a daily inspiration for me!
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    Thanks for sharing the videos. Having rode out many Typhoons, Hurricanes, and close calls with tornados, it brought back some memories for sure.
    You rode out the Hurricane on the beach?

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    Yes, I most certainly did. In retrospect, it was probably not one of the smartest choices I ever made... (grin)

    I certainly wouldnt do that again!
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    We arrived 2 weeks later with 50 pounds of roofing nails for friends......

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