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Thread: Xtabi Questions

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    Xtabi Questions

    Hello All..

    Looking at booking Xtabi and wondering if anyone has info or pictures of the garden standard rooms - their lowest category rooms....I think they are two rooms in an Octagon shaped building by the pool and another 2 rooms in a separate building in the garden.

    We have stayed in the main building in the gardens and wondering if these rooms are similar but just without air/TV? Do they offer good privacy?

    Any info is much appreciated!

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    Hi MiShell

    I stayed in the unit with 2 rooms in Jan. 2008. We left with 3 days notice and they were the only ones available. I didn't mind them at all! Big covered porch, weather was fine for no air (there are fans). I didn't take any indoor photos but here are a couple outside:

    Name:  xtabi garden room 1.jpg
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    Last year I took a look at the octagon shaped building by the pool, thought I took a couple pics but can't find them. The rooms are smaller but kinda cool. I like the location by the pool but not as private as the other rooms above.

    I'm pretty happy just being there, any room at Xtabi feels like home.

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    Here are some pics from Onestop.


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    Thank you Katho!

    Just a question out of curiousity...Were the showers indoor or partially outdoor for these rooms and octagon building rooms?
    I assume no fridge or safe in these rooms as most garden rooms?

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    Indoor showers for the seperate 2 room building. They also have safes but no fridge. The rooms are very similar to the reg. garden rooms.
    If my memory is correct, the octagon building rooms had partially outdoor showers (wish I could find the pics, lol)! I would assume they also have safes.

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