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Thread: Take a peek...the old For Real!

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    Take a peek...the old For Real!

    I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

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    what is that in front - a deck? lol

    and the color appears different . . . somewhat

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    WOW!!! Finally a couple of pictures, thanx Bnewb! I see the trim and railings are now white....do we know if it is staying snappy pink? Are those new chaises or the same old worn out one's that I loved so much....lol. I guess there won't be a bar for the general public....or maybe, but I doubt highly that Red Stripes will be 150J. You gett'n all this Rollie?! Better have a place for us to hang by the time we get there.....LOL! Then again, we'll just hang w/ R & L....they know all the good places anyway....grin!

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    Here is one more...

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    Oops, I see that 301 is painted white on the outside.....good color for a retirement home, "Sandy Haven". Sorry, my anger is getting the better of Me!

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    What, are You on someone's shoulders....lol

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    No....but it looks like the second shot was taken after a few beers....lol!

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    No comment, no stay that will be my "revenge"

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    I walked trough Sunbeach to the road in august and they had all the rooms gutted and were putting in new patio doors and windows in all the rooms.

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