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Thread: Beaten, tired and stumbling the hours slip toward

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    Beaten, tired and stumbling the hours slip toward

    sweet Jamaica. A friends daughters wedding at a vineyard 3 hours away sound rig outside and wedding reception rig inside till midnight Saturday stacked on a 50 hour week followed by a unload rigs mow the yard Sunday and a mow 18 acre tower site today (have to admit sitting on that tractor though physical is sort of refreshing because it so far away from my shirt and tie desk). So physicaly tired and having weathered a staff short 7 months in a testing economic environment since our Feb reach I find myself stumbling and bumbling towards a weeks worth of me us me us shut down time,,,,, Thursday start of trip soon come

    Funny thing about packing, I could fit my needs in a dirty laundry bag like you find in a hotel room, and even though I swear we are just going,,,,, this trip,,,, I find myself accumalating, a sound head, a pair of soccer shoes, some uniforms, 2 way radios for security guys, must be a lot of reward in those thank you smiles

    Soon come

    I have won many awards in a lifetime of competition and service. But the highest was offered without plaque or fanfare on a hilltop in post Ivan Jamaica. A true Rasta and a dear friend observed "Chet you are like a father of men, you see need and fulfill that need without being asked". Let us be travelers and not tourist.

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    I am tired just thinking about it-exhausted in fact, have a few drinks for me and have a nice relax both of you.

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    I was wondering who was making all that noise across town at 4 am beating out some thoughts on the keyboard. Good news: its raining and the tractor most likely won't start anyway; its getting that Jamaica feeling also and its ready to take a long deserved break. Remember this: no matter how much you pack, it will never be as heavy or as full as Cindy's suitcase. You know how much those smiles mean! You 2 have fun now. Please let me know Feb. dates. We'll be thinking about you two. P & C
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    Hello! Hubby and I are from Iowa, too. But we still have to wait a long time before we can start packing for our next trip to Negril.
    At least it's something to look forward to.
    Have a great time!

    2017 was our 15th trip to Negril. Other islands we visited: Cozumel, Mexico (4 times) St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Aruba, Harbour Island, Bahamas, Anguilla, St. Maarten/St.Martin, Ambergris Caye, Belize (twice)

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    You guys have a good trip. Im not headed until February, but just a few more months.. I am jealous Mon..

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