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Thread: newbie ...excited,worried and in need of advice

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    Cool newbie ...excited,worried and in need of advice

    hi to everyone i am new to all this and am in need of any help you can give.i have booked for october 2012 staying in sunset at the palms,my husband and i have gone through an awful year and after i had major surgery i thought that i would treat us both as jamaica has always been his life long dream so i booked it.my main concern is that everywere is closed for the season,were both in our mid fiftys and im afraid my disco diva days are well and truly over,but we adore reggae music and would really be happy with a good few drinks and good music so any advice would truly be appreciated .and has any one been to the satp it looks really nice so fingers crossed i have not made a boo boo .many many thanks regards annemarie:

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    Congratulations annemarie for making this dream of your husbands a reality and for your speedy recovery from major surgery. I have been confined (mostly) to a wheelchair for the past couple of years and have only been walking again for the past 4 months or so. It is my love of Jamaica that got me motivated enough to accomplish a grueling rehab program and, I too, will be returning.

    You have picked a lovely property for your visit and the "vibe" should be such that us "older folks" will not be too distressed by the vibrant culture .

    Don't be too concerned about the "off season" dates of your vacation. Jamaica doesn't go to sleep during the off-season it just takes a likkle break! In fact, one could argue, that there are some benefits derived from the lack of competition from other tourists (like the pricing, availability, etc.). Do your homework and have a general gameplan but don't plan too much as the dreaded "sand gravity" has a tendency to make the best plans into a "take it as it comes" vacation.

    Good Luck and have a Great Trip!

    Peace and Guidance.

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    thanks so much for the reply,good luck with your recovery it is good to have something that you can motivate yourself for.take care.... annemarie

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    That is one of the good things in the off season, its not busy in the restaurants or bars, so less waiting or crowds and service is good.

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    thanks,that sounds good as my husband hates queues so that should keep him happy,what about entertaiment at the beach bars and is it safe to walk along to different bars? sorry to be a pain .thanks annemarie

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    I understand you're feelings about it being slow this time of year...but most of the beach bars are open during the day & you can walk for hours trying the different spots....very popular thing to do in Negril.

    To help get a real idea of what it's like at this time...check out the live webcasts on realnegril.com...you'll see a great variety of Negril establishments that are open during this time of year. And, while you are here... you can join one or more of the webcasts to meet other boardies or just hang out at one of these fun locations.

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    Sunset at the Palms looks a lovely place I have seen it but never slept there.Places are still open do not worry just fewer tourists.It sometimes rains a bit in october but it is warm rain and there is still glorious sunshine in between
    You have made a nice choice and will have a great time.I suggest you meet up with other people at the webcasts like bnewb said go to realnegril.com and you can watch some places live.You will find nice people to hang with at the webcasts and can get on the ground information of whats happening where.I see you are in England and we are 5 sometimes 6 hours ahead of Jamaica so unless you stay up late you will not be able to view some of the webcasts.
    Until the clocks change these are the times you will be able to watch LIVE from England.
    thurs- 11PM
    fri -6PM
    You can chat to other people from this board live on there too.
    The beach is safe to walk down to the many bars and restaurants
    but at the night it is not lit
    so you may need a torch or a taxi or someone to show you the way!

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    Annemarie, I am also in my fifties and I found that the joy of Negril is in letting things flow naturally. Walking the beach, and following the sounds and smells to little gems of restaurants and bars, was our favorite past-time. (As a Brit you will enjoy the curries. Not spicy hot but sweeter than the UK). Planning was thrown out the window. I love the reference to "sand gravity"! Don't forget that you are always a cheap taxi ride away from your hotel if you tire. One of our favorite cliff adventures was Xtabi. We spent a full day there. They are very hospitable if you have lunch there. The snorkelling and caves are great fun! This site is an encyclopedia of Negril. Everything you need to know is here somewhere. Enjoy Negril!!

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    thanks so much im really excited now walking the beach and letting the sounds and smells sounds absolutley wonderful!!! many many thanks.annemarie

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    thats brilliant! thanks for taking the time to send the days and times of the webcasts i will be checking them out.many thanks annemarie

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