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Thread: We are here...and loving it (of course)

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    We are here...and loving it (of course)

    Well the hubby and I are in Negril!
    Today is our one year anniversary and as I sit here at the breakfast table at Catcha looking out on the beautiful sunny sky, I want to thank God that the weather this year is MUCH better than this time last year....bittersweet of course but I am not complaining.....just happy to finally be here and enjoying it all.
    Catcha is back to beautiful as always and the new outdoor shower at Sagi is amazing. God I love this place.....I feel like I am home.

    So today the hubs and I will make up for what should have been our dream wedding day last year (stupid TS Nichole) and I am thankful to have this chance to do it.

    We spent the first three days of our trip in Ochi, it was nice but I felt like I was coming home yesterday when we drove in to Negril.
    Thursday we landed in Mobay and we went to Luminous Lagoon Thursday night, it was really cool but since it had been raining it probably would have been even brighter after a long sunny day, but we still got some pics and jumped in and swam while the water glowed all around us, too cool!
    Friday we had an entire day trip to Port Antonio, it rained most of the day but it was still beautiful. We went to Somerset Falls (gorgeous), then to the Blue Lagoon which was beautiful and we finally ended the day with a rafting trip down the Rio Grande, which was amazing but would have been better (and not as cold) if it hadnt rained almost all of the 2 hour trip LOL
    Saturday we spent the day in Ochi and then went to Mystic Mountain which was awesome....highly recommend the place, it was so much fun!We rode the skyride up to the top of the mountain, then rode the bobsleds which were so much fun....we hung out there for a while and then rode the ziplines through the rainforest! Too much fun.....I can't recommend that place enough, it was definitely a good time!
    Sunday we woke up, packed up and caught up with our great friend, Chicken who picked us up in Ochi and drove us home to Negril!
    We got in to Catcha around 3 or so, had lunch, a nice swim and then walked down to 3 dives for our traditional first meal in Negril dinner of jerk chicken, and get this, our food was ready in like 10 minutes (maybe even less) has to be some sort of record!
    We then went next door to Xtabi for a dirty banana and ended the evening sitting in the hammock staring out at the stars on our front porch at Sagi......yeah, it's been a great trip so far
    This morning we are getting our scooters and will probably ride around but then back to Catcha this afternoon as my husband has informed me that he has a lot of surprises in store for me to celebrate our anniversary! Yeah!
    So thats it for now....I will post pics soon (I promise)

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    HAPPY ANIVERSARY Dear Marley and Hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to share - its means so much to us stuck back at home (lol).
    Oh the memories of then and now........soak it all up. Sounds like you are having a great time already.
    Wishing you both MORE LOVE every day together and more memories.................

    Preach Peace / Live Love / Blessed Be

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    Marley lady....if you're near Alfreds or Red Dragon or maybe we'll catch you later at Catcha (not intruding on your special day )....but Rob and I would love to buy you both an Anniversary drink!!
    If we don't see you today....Congratulations & enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!

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    Good for you Marley! I can just imagine your blissful feeling. Enjoy!!!

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    Happy anniversary to you!! What a fabulous place to celebrate your love!!

    Islander - Brynn
    Looking forward to our next visit to beautiful Jamaica! See you soon!!

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    Happy Anniversary!!!

    See you soon so we can celebrate!!

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    What a great way to spend your anniversary....in Negril and at Catcha. Great first day! Enjoy and take in every minute of it.

    Negril is truly special. Hubby and I renewed our vows at Citronella at sunset. And when we return in 6 weeks we are staying in Libra at Catcha


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    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! Can you believe its been one year already?? Have a GREAT TIME!!
    "I'll love you till the stars fall out of the sky "


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    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. I remember last year with your wedding dilemma and having to move it at the last minute. Enjoy!!!!!

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    Happy anniversary!
    Tom Hudson
    Self-Employed CPA
    Founder, Domaine Hudson wine bar & eatery, Wilmington, DE

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